Why Being Part of a Small Group is Good

Studying the bible with others is a fantastic way to learn more about Jesus and his will for us. We encourage every member of St Matthew’s to be in a small group. Some meet in the evenings, others during the day and others at the weekend.

Why it’s important

Open bible

The bible reminds us just how important it is to meet together; in fact we are told that we should never stop meeting together (Hebrews 10:25).

The early church was devoted to teaching and if we are to know more about Jesus then we need to have that same devotion today.

What to expect

Everyone is a learner when it comes to the bible! You won’t be expected to know everything (in fact, there is no expectation to know anything) about the bible! It is the job of the leader to help the group discover the passage for themselves. Small groups normally meet two or three times each month. If you are new to us or are not yet in a group, please speak with one of the leadership team and we will introduce you to a group.