The Fourth Agreement Summary

“There is only one agreement left, but it is the one that allows the other three to become entrenched habits. The fourth chord deals with the action of the first three: always do your best. Thank you, Danyal. It is becoming increasingly difficult to group together books like The Four Chords. I`ve read and re-read The Power of Now many times, and I`ve thought about how I`d go about it in a summary. The four agreements show us that there is another way. By freeing ourselves from social structures and expectations, we can make new deals for ourselves. One downside of the book is that some chords are too extreme and, if you take them at your fingertips, can cause additional problems in your life if taken without a proverbial grain of salt. However, with a little balance and a sense of openness, these chords can be transformed and re-stressed. Here is a statement on each of the four agreements. Don Miguel Ruiz`s four agreements are a self-help book and I learn a lot. I appreciate your efforts, you write summary in a good style. Thank you for sharing. The third agreement describes the question of whether assumptions are made, how they lead to suffering, and why individuals should not participate in it.

Assuming what others think, it can cause stressful and interpersonal conflicts, because the person believes that their acceptance is a representation of the truth. [10] Ruiz believes that one solution to overcome the act of acceptance is to ask questions and ensure that communication between those involved is clear. [9] Individuals can avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama by not making assumptions. [1] His contributions among the first two can be summarized in bulk as follows: “Be aware of the agreements that dictate your reality and have the discipline to change it.” You could get a little more out of his letter, but not much. Unfortunately, his references to the finish do not go far beyond a well-made “Just do it”. This path begins with the Four Accords. These are really new ways of life that you can accept voluntarily. These agreements are: what it contains: this agreement discusses avoiding gossip, lies, empty promises, and other ways to create problems with our words.

Just say what you want to say and realize that you can do harm if you are not careful with what you say. If you like the job or task you do, you`re going to do your best without even trying. Your work will be effortless and you will provide much better performance. This final agreement will help you increase the power of other agreements while freeing you from old patterns. Remember to be blameless with your word, never take things personally, don`t make assumptions, and always do your best. Follow these simple rules and see how life changes. If you liked this summary, you`ll love the book that explains these ideas in a more poetic and detailed way..