Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Listing Agreement

The most common contract we see is the residential purchase contract of the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. This is a standard real estate contract that is used to buy homes. It can also be used to buy land, but for land and larger land, we usually use either a land contract or a firm contract/ranch. You can download a copy by clicking on the link. This agreement sets out the real estate information you need to present before selling your home. It is important that you completely divide any problems or problems you had with the house. If you do not disclose a well-known problem such as flood damage or roof repairs, you may end up in hot water long after the sale. By revealing in time what you know about the property, the buyer knows what he receives before the sale and you are protected after the sale. I use the Standard Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Residential Real Estate Listing Form to list your property. This is a written and binding contract that explains how I will market your house and how much I am paid for it. This form describes the duration of our agreement and the responsibilities of both parties. Below are some important parts of the document: In addition, the list agreement contains other terms of the contract such as law, mediation and other details of the agreement. I will discuss the full contract in detail at the time of the listing agreement.

The list agreement specifies how and when I should be paid for the sale of your property. This part of the agreement specifies the type of contractual relationship we will have. This describes the obligations and responsibilities that real estate agents have towards our clients. These are essentially: a listing real estate agent contract in Oklahoma allows a real estate agent to market a person`s property for a commission. In Oklahoma, an exclusive right to sale is the most popular type of list agreement. This agreement gives the broker the exclusive right to sell the property within an agreed period (normally 6 months). Linked by the terms of the agreement, the agent must subdivide to the seller all offers and assume all obligations and responsibilities in the interest of the seller.