Custody Agreement Traduction Francais

NOTE The term “trust” may be used if it is clear that the trustee also owns title to the assets he manages. NOTE The party receiving some income or asset, for self and/or others. ANT complete loss of consortium; Total loss of consortium NOTE The relationship of a parent to a certain child; Includes maternity and paternity. Navigation menu for the different terms of the lexicon in alphabetical order. . European Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Decisions concerning Custody of Children and On Restoration of Custody of Children. NOTE Insurance of the office and maintenance of a parent; Motherhood and fatherhood Includes. The term is used in this sense only for the masculine. One can also, especially in the case of ambiguities, say “father or mother” as a parent (in the singular). However, “father and mother” for parents (plural) should be avoided, as parents may be of the same sex. NOTE There are several children and each parent has sole custody of at least one of them. The Standardization Committee would like to thank the members of the Users` Committee for their opinion.

The contribution of the legal centres to this project was made possible thanks to the support of the Canadian Department of Justice under the Access to Justice in Both Official Languages Fund. NOTE Refers to consortium from an individual perspective. . . Conservation activities with non-collective investments If Youth1 is used collectively, it can make it “youth” or “youth”. Note Both parents are involved in decision-making about the children and share in their on-going care. In accordance with federal guidelines on helping children, children must be live 40% of the time with a parent. . The web addresses listed below are listed as references only. Over time, links may no longer work due to changes or updates to the sites they return. NOTE The relationship between a parent – father or mother – and a particular child.

. See also the assessment of the child`s position; report on the child`s position; Report on the voice of the child see also views of the child report; Children`s assessment voices; Voice of the child`s report. The link to the analysis documents established for the standardization of all the terms used in this lexicon is at the beginning of each letter of the lexicon. . . . The symbols and abbreviations of the user guide that you can consult by clicking on the button above can be found in the entries of the lexicon. In this lexicon, we exceptionally find the following symbols and abbreviations: identify all entities that are part of the chain of custody. Standard term analysis files posted on the CTTJ website. DIST Order for Interlocutory Measures; interim measures order. NOTE Cohabitation out of wedlock following the dissolution of a marriage. .

. . DIST Interim Order for Follow-up Assistance; interim measures to facilitate follow-up; the publication of immunity order; the publication ban; in summary proceedings; interlocutory order; the interim order; Referral order. NOTE Support for parent duties and duties…. country of origin of the ANT; country of origin; Country of dispatch See also notice on the assessment of children; the views of the report on children; Voice of the Child reports deportees, ineligible passengers or persons in a state of arrest. . . .