Christians in Iraq

Iraqi Christians are being raped, murdered and driven from their homes as Isis seeks to drive all traces of Christianity from large parts of Iraq. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, speaking in the Lords, said that the wave of attacks against Christians would be viewed as “one of the crimes against humanity of our time”.

Lord Alton of Liverpool, who tabled the debate in the Lords, told how Christians had been threatened with beheading and crucifixion unless they converted to a hard-line brand of Islam.

The Arabic letter ‘N’ is being scrawled on the doors of Christian houses in Iraq to denote ‘Nazarene’ so that they may be targeted. As a result, many Christians around the world are adopting the same sign to show prayerful solidarity.

Please pray for the desperate situation in Iraq; give thanks for the incredible witness of those Iraqi Christians and pray that the relative silence by many western leaders would be broken as our weeping is heard in the corridors of power and influence.