Breaking Spiritual Agreements

Below is a very general prayer, but I invite you to pray it with me. Since the Holy Spirit reveals every area of your life in which you have made agreements with the demonic domain, I encourage you to pray especially on each area. For example, if you have reached an agreement with the disease, reprimand it, eject it, stop it, and then use the Word of God to find certain verses to the opposite: health and healing. Start declaring them about your life. I`m pretty sure this other page copied your stuff verbatim. Jesus, they say I have the meaning of Jesus Christ. I join my mind in your mind, my heart to your heart, my will according to your will. Again the Holy Ghost, show me. What agreements have I made with my enemy? What lies did I believe? As we talk about words, I encourage you to talk about the words you say? Remove words like “never” and “always” from your vocabulary, because every time you use one of these words in a negative context, you make agreements with the enemy. For example, “I`ll never feel better.” Have you said that before? It`s a lie, and if you say it, you make an arrangement with the enemy. What about “I`m always going to have health problems.” Guess what? You have just reached an agreement with the enemy and you have invited him! Don`t be surprised if you still have health problems. Do you recognize the spiritual war in which you find yourself? If they do not, I hope you will be more aware until the end of this contribution of the spiritual struggle that surrounds you and the power to break agreements and make agreements. What did you say? What are you thinking? What agreements have you made? Are they agreements with the Word of God? Do they agree with his promises in your life? Are these life agreements? Or is it exactly the opposite, and have you instead made agreements with death? It is time to break agreements with the enemy and make agreements with the truth of God`s Word.

I renounce any agreement that I have reached with fear, agreements that I have concluded with certainty and control. Please forgive me. I renounce any arrangement I have made with my enemy, known and unknown, seen and invisible in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. I am in favour of these agreements. I submit to God. Spirit of Truth chooses this, show me. I send all this to my Lord Jesus Christ. Father God, I come to you humbly and with gratitude that your arms are open, ready to love me and to kiss me. I ask you to reveal to me any arrangement I have made with the enemy through my own sin, my words, my deeds and my thoughts. I close all the doors I have opened to the demonic empire, and I break any oppression that is above my life. I refuse to live my life for the enemy, and I join you, ready to make agreements with you and your word.

amen. You can make agreements not only with your words, but also with your actions and thoughts. Sin is a perfect example of how to open a door to the enemy. There is no direct way to invite the enemy into your life, as is done with the sin of the East. What about your thoughts? They`re the same. If you think of a lie or if you believe, you`re the liar. John 8:44 said, “He is a master of deception, and the father of lies!” Satan`s goal is to make you work with him. It may be something small or big, but regardless of what it is, you need to be aware of the chords you make. As we grow and grow, we make unconscious decisions and agreements with ourselves, our families and our extended communities. And so the years pass, and we come to the conclusion that these choices are the true nature of ourselves. Our identity is confused with the agreements we have made with ourselves and with the world around us.