Basic Exchange And Cooperation Agreement For Jio Special Corporation

In the face of rising tensions between India and China after the deaths of twenty soldiers in Ladakh four months ago, the pact aims to help India narrow the military rift with Beijing. News of the deal was sharply criticized by the Chinese government language of the Global Times, which noted earlier this month that “New Delhi. hopes that China will show its military muscles and show the importance of US ties. BECA refers to the basic exchange and cooperation agreement for geographical cooperation. This agreement would facilitate the exchange of geographic information between India and the United States, both for military and civilian purposes. Second, the signing of the agreements is seen as a pretext to create military alliances in Asia and pressure India to buy expensive weapons from the United States. It is considered contrary to India`s military neutrality and conveys a more provocative message to China. Nor do the Indian Navy and the armed forces want to settle for an American system. Third, Russia, India`s longest-serving ally in the field of defense technology transfer, has repeatedly raised the issue of India`s tilt toward the United States, especially with the Defense and Trade Initiative (DTTI). The fourth question is: what happens in the event of war? India does not support certain actions of the United States and will not support the war of the United States with its friendly countries.

It needs to be clarified how to deal with it. Finally, cismoa and BECA would allow the US to access India`s encrypted systems. The Indian Armed Forces have also said so subject to reservation. The LSA agreement signed by the United States with other countries is beneficial for both sides. The Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) for Space Cooperation is essentially a proposed communication agreement between the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency of the US Department of Defense and the Ministry of Defense of the Government of India. CISMOA stands for communication and safety information agreement. This agreement would allow the interoperability of equipment from India and the United States. Through interoperability, we believe there would be access to encrypted and secret technologies or communications. We see here that the United States has so far blocked the sale of some sensitive advanced technologies and equipment to India, since this agreement has not been signed. .

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