Agreement Between Company And Brand Ambassador

The Company understands that the Brand Ambassador may terminate the Agreement at any time if the Company does not pay for the services provided under this Agreement or if it violates any other essential provision in the Brand Ambassador Agreement. The Company agrees to pay all remaining balances within _____ days of termination. This is a very simple working model for simple independent ambassador agreements. I strongly recommend that you consult a lawyer before accepting this contract for your own use. These are the people who hire companies to represent their brands. Although, according to a study by the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report, many consumers continue to trust recommendations from friends, brand ambassadors continue to influence the choice of many consumers. Sign easy is another option for signing contracts digitally. It offers many of the same features as the other tools we`ve mentioned, but in a very simple user interface. If you just want the simplest function of a document signing tool, simple file management, and not too many agreements to sign, this may be the best choice. This Brand Ambassador Agreement may be terminated at any time by mutual agreement between the parties This Brand Ambassador Agreement shall enter into force on the day of this Agreement and shall continue until terminated in writing by either Party within _____ business days.

The Brand Ambassador undertakes to return to the Company all documents, records or confidential information held by the Entity after the termination of the Agreement. .