50 Shades of Confusion!

As a Church we have been studying the seven letters in the book of Revelation. If you have missed any of the sermons, please do listen on line. In these letters we have seen great encouragement and great challenge. In the letters to Pergamum and Thyatira, the presenting issue of false teaching has its outworking in sexual immorality. Some 2000 years later, nothing much appears to have changed!

Jesus gave these letters not as the final word but as an encouragement and as a warning; an encouragement to stick with his teaching (those who do will be the victors) and a warning to beware the consequences of not doing so. This is the same Jesus who went to the cross out of unimaginable love for each one of us, offering to swap places, so that we might be victors.

There are plenty of helpful books as we all battle sexual temptation (whether pornography, adultery or sex outside the gift of marriage); one such book is ‘Purity is Possible’ by Helen Thorne. Helen has written a blog for the Good Book Company – please take a moment to read it.